ST Valentine Day Celebration History

ST Valentine Day Celebration History

The most expensive energizer that heal any ailment and suffering is "Love."No medicine on earth can be more healing than Love, Rejoice, and compassion!

Healing your Soul Need celebrating love and you don't need a specific day, your every day is a valentine's day if you genuinely love someone. But we forget to feel that energy of love in today's busy life.

The fragrance of Valentine's Day enlightens Soul, and heart to absorb the memories of togetherness. The romantic month of the year, STV day celebrated around the world on 14th February.

Valentine's day brings an opportunity with itself to show the deepest and most beautiful feelings and emotions of your heart to your loved ones.Love Day, the perfect day, especially for couples looking for a proper time to propose to someone the hidden heartfelt warm emotions of their hearts.

People propose their love by exchanging Valentine's gifts. 

The life-changing day for many people, and it will continue to be the same for many coming years. 

 USA Valentine's Day History:

In the 20th century in the second half, the practice of giving presents and occasional cards became popular. 

Colorful Flowers, Roses, and chocolates were the commonly exchanged gifts among different genders. In the '80s diamond industry began to promote Valentine's Day as an occasion to gift valentine's jewelry to the beloved one.

Celebration of Valentine's Day in the United States of America

Commercialized Valentine's Day festival in the US is the card and gift giving festival in the United States. Days before Valentine, markets wear a festive red look to attract the customers.

Popular gifts exchanged on the day include fresh flowers, Red Roses, cards, candies, chocolates, and also compliment these with other presents to express love and affection.

Valentine Celebrations:

Valentine's Day romantic candlelight dinner or sea view moonlight dinner and dance parties are organized. Couples hold a private party in homes, restaurants, faraway destinations. 

Educational Valentino Celebration:

In the USA on Valentine Day program, the celebrations organized by kids and teachers at different schools where students perform songs, skits, dance, and Romeo Juliet romantic acts. 

To their friends and teachers, children also gift handmade gifts and cards. To those staying in different cities, e-cards, and send gifts through online Valentine's Day gift shopping sites is common nowadays.

Love is the Key to unlock the hidden happiness inside us.

This Valentine's Day, celebrate your loved one with their favorite Valentine's Day gift - jewelry.

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