Jewelry is one of the most often gifted items as every woman loves it, and it makes a perfect gift for her. Everyone loves to wear jewelry in everyday life and especially on events and occasions, but what do you do with it when the occasion is over? We're here to show you how to buy and use jewelry gift boxes so that your jewelry gifts and pieces can be put away safely.

Where to find jewelry boxes?

The first thing you need to know about buying a box is where they are sold. You'll find them in department stores, fine jewelry stores, or online. If you're shopping in-store, make sure not only that the box matches your style but also that it fits all of your pieces.

Online retailers offer plenty of variety for buyers who want something different from their traditional brown or white cardboard packaging.

Selecting the type of the box

The next step is choosing which type of box will work best for storing each piece: earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets can all be stored in different ways.

Before buying a gift box for each piece of your collection, you need to consider how much space the box will take up at home or while traveling.

For example, if there's no room left on your jewelry display shelf after buying all the boxes, it may be time to reconsider your storage options. 

To use the box you bought, first make sure that you can easily open and close all of its parts. It's up to personal preference: some people like to keep their jewelry loose in the original packaging. In contrast, others prefer putting everything back into the box as if it were a jewelry box in and of itself.

How to store jewelry in the boxes?

Now that you've bought the right boxes, it's time to learn all about storing them:

Storing earrings

-Don't crack or break your earring backs trying to pry them open. You can find at-home solutions for this online – for example, using matches and a candle to heat the earring enough that it can be opened or using a needle and towel to pry them apart. But of course, the best way to store earrings is with safety in mind. Choose boxes that have cushioned earring holders inside so they won't get scratched up while being stored.

-A simple way to keep your rings in place while they're enclosed in their boxes is by using zip-lock bags around them. The bags will secure them from falling out and protect against dust and moisture when you store them.

Storing necklaces

-Turn your favorite necklace into a choker – it's as easy as putting the chain into the box upside down. This also makes them easier to store. If you have many chokers and other long necklaces, consider choosing gift boxes that come with clip-on earring holders, so they don't get tangled up in their chains.

Storing bracelets

Like rings, bracelets can be put on and off with ease when you choose the correct box. Look for containers with a circle holder, so they don't slide around inside (they should also be deep enough to accommodate larger bracelets). Or, go the extra mile and get a subscription to our exceptional jewelry box service that makes storing bracelets easy.

Storing other accessories

-A jewelry box holds more than just jewelry – it can be a place to store your unique accessories as well (for example, watches). When you're choosing the box for this purpose, look for one that has a watchband area where all of your pieces can rest in comfort.

Can You DIY jewelry boxes?

There are DIY jewelry boxes, tutorials, and guides about how to make a jewelry box out of paper. Some people even think it is a good option that saves the budget.

But why should you not do those?

DIY jewelry box is not suitable for storing your valuables.

A DIY jewelry box may look pretty, but it not only doesn't offer excellent protection to your valuables, and they are not durable. Moreover, DIY jewelry boxes are usually made of cardboard and paper. Hence, they are hard to carry and aren't as secure as a premium quality storage box made for jewelry.

Jewelry boxes are necessary items to store your precious pieces of jewelry. The type of box you choose will depend on the size and style, but it's essential to know how to keep them, so your jewels do not be damaged over time. We hope this blog has been helpful!