About Us

Jawa Jewelers is a registered and licensed American based company which deals in Gold, Diamond, Silver and related fashion jewelry including all types of chains, pendants, bracelets, earrings, studs and rings for men and women. We are proud to have set benchmarks in custom jewelry also, offering the highest quality merchandise at attractive discounts. 

Jawa Jewelers is proud to be triumphant over the past few years in the sales of gold and making our customers contended. Now, we are coming up with our second-generation which will offer our precious customers the never-ending benefits and betterments that they have not been experienced in the past.

At Jawa Jewelers, our tale started with an emotion of establishing a basis for sharing those emotions with the remainder of the globe while revitalizing a feeling of emotional display. Since the start of our journey, we have always maintained a strong stance, that a bit of us resides in every transactional occurrence. Commitment is our primary emotion to ensure that every experience you share with us is included. As the years go by, we hope these feelings will resonate even deeper than they have ever been before.

The love for our urban culture has always been the inspiration behind Jawa Jewelers' street-style jewelry selection, as we go beyond and beyond giving our clients high-quality items that they can wear with their classy attires. Based on a team of professional jewelry designers to make chains, bracelets, pendants, and rings made of 10-karat gold, 14-karat gold, white gold, silver and diamond, the goal is to offer a range of cool custom styles to complement both the old-school B-boy and the new-school company mogul's hip-hop lifestyle.

Whether you are the high-end shopper who wants manufactured custom-made jewelry to flatter your custom-made suits or the average consumer who wants a jewelry item that complements his/her everyday style, Jawa jewelers are the best site for all your jewelry needs. After all, everyone deserves the kind of bling that one would not be able to keep his eyes off. 

One of the benefits of shopping with us is our unique selection that contains something for each person's style. When shopping with volume retailers and chain stores, you must settle for cookie-cutter jewelry that is ordered by the thousands. You will see the same pieces over and over, even when traveling to other towns and cities. Our jewelry is hand-selected and we also offer customized jewelry.

Shopping with us is more than just selecting an item and paying for it. Buying jewelry is about trust. Jawa Jewelers is always here for you and promises to serve you beyond what a corporate business would. 

We care about you and your jewelry and want it to last a lifetime. You can bring your rings in to be inspected, and have your prongs checked so you don’t have to worry about losing a gemstone. We will also clean and polish your jewelry and have it looking like new! 

Jawa Jewelers offers unique, one-of-a-kind pieces and can custom make any piece to match your personal specifications. We specialize in beautiful, brilliant diamonds at a better quality than you'll find anywhere else. We offer a huge selection of mountings as well as gemstone jewelry, bracelets, earrings, gold/silver/diamond chains, and many other fine gift items.

Find out why the artists, celebrities, stylists, and other VIP shoppers in the industry can't stop shopping with us by checking out our price-savvy piece collection on our user-friendly shopping page. Once you see the many ways that Jawa Jewelers is winning in the jewelry industry game, you will be convinced to build a relationship with us.

We have a worldwide clientele and have thousands of satisfied customers from all around the world.