Privacy Policy

Jawa Jewelers is committed to respect the confidentiality and protection of your privacy. If you have any concerns or you think your privacy has been breached in any way then you can contact us via email or phone any time OR you can always login to your account and change your information.

It is to assure you that your information is only gathered and saved for personality identification and is only to be used at the time of purchasing and payment.


Advertisement content

Only permitted and registered sites can post advertisement on our website. No spam advertisement can be posted on our website. If you find any spam advertisement then please check your browser and antivirus settings.


Cookies and Location detection

Our site uses cookies to detect and save your information. Also, this website detects your location only for the purpose of record and identification in order to prevent any kind of malware or spyware. We may receive and save your information based on your clicks and likes on social media sites on our pages and accounts.


How do we keep your personal information confidential?

We keep your personal information confidential by sending you a notification via email or text message every time an attempt is made to login to your account on our website. Other than this, security questions, pincodes and captchas are used to identify and prove your identity.