We get asked a lot of great questions about jewelry every single day, and we wanted to share some of them with you. 


1- How do i place order on jawajewelers.com?


It is very easy and simple to place order on jawajewelers.com. You just need to select a product of your choice and click “add to cart”. The checkout process is very easy and you can checkout following the instructions. Your order will only be confirmed once you enter your credit card details and confirm it. Once the amount is deducted from your card, the order will be confirmed and you will receive it in next 3-5 days.


2- What shipping options are available on jawajewelers.com?


Currently we are taking online orders on our online store and ship them anywhere in the entire world. There are no specific limitations for any country as yet. To ensure that you receive your item please make sure to send us your appropriate mailing address and not the post office box address.

*Standard shipping charges may apply according to the shipment destination. However if any customer wants next day shipment then charges will be different accordingly.


3- Customized Orders:


Please keep a margin of 1-2 additional days if you have placed a customized order (e.g engraving or stone setting etc).


4- Is it possible to get my purchased item gift wrapped?


Yes of course, Jawa Jewelers gift wraps the items on demand and add a message or card to it if desired.


5- Does jawajewelers.com provide engraving option?


Yes, jawajewelers.com do provide engraving option. Engraving is offered both by hand and by laser. By hand engraving is expensive whereas laser engraving is comparatively cheaper. Appropriate charges may apply according to the measurements of engraving and techniques used. Please keep in mind that exchange and return policy does not apply on engraved (customized) orders. Such items once prepared and dispatched cannot be returned but only for polishing and maintenance.


6- How can i care for my jewellery?


All kinds of jewellery need professional cleaning, and jawajewelers.com is pleased to offer this service to its customers. Professional cleaning is mostly recommended once a year. So you can contact us any time and we will arrange to collect your precious jewellery from your doorstep if possible otherwise we will generate a shipping slip to you along which you will send us your jewellery for cleaning and maintenance.


7- Can i send my jewellery/watch to jawa jewelers for repairing?


Yes, we warmly offer our services to you in this regard. You can contact us for getting your jewellery and watches repaired and serviced. If possible, we will manage to pick up your stuff from your doorstep otherwise we will generate a shipping slip along which you will send us your parcel and get your items repaired and serviced.


8- How can i return or exchange my purchased item?


To return or exchange an item please send it on our address with its receipts or simply give us a call and if the service is available in your area then our agent will collect it from your doorstep along with its receipts and after verification and satisfaction your cash will be transferred into your account.