12 Amazing Ways to Style a Sterling Silver Necklace

12 Amazing Ways to Style a Sterling Silver Necklace

Jewelry is considered one of the essential accessories, especially for women, but it can also be expensive. Many jewelry options can go with your outfit, like a gold ring, a diamond necklace, or perhaps even a silver pendant. Furthermore, you also need to wear outfits that match the jewelry you buy because otherwise, all that spending would be for nothing.

Sterling silver jewelry is known for being elegant and classy, as it is less prominent than gold. Silver necklaces especially are pretty popular among women, and now even men as well. Like other jewelry, too, they style better with some outfits than others, and it can be daunting and expensive to figure this out by experimentation. Don’t worry; we can help give you some ideas that work to make this task less confusing for you. Here are 12 amazing ways that you can style a sterling silver necklace with different outfits:

1. Layering Your Necklaces 

One terrific way to style your sterling silver necklaces is by layering them together, i.e., wearing a few of them simultaneously. However, this doesn’t mean you should just put them on together, and you’re done (unless, of course, somehow, they end up looking good). The way to do this is by layering them with alternate lengths so that each of them is visible. In this way, you can revive the charm of any silver necklaces you have that you might’ve gotten bored of.

2. Pairing with black and white clothing

Monochromatic clothing is a simple combination that is super stylish and never really goes away. Furthermore, they also pair well with silver jewelry as they add shine to your clothing while not clashing with them in any way. A simple silver necklace can make your monochromatic clothes even classier.

3. Pairing with neutral tone clothing 

Silver is often considered a neutral shade, and so, it can go along with neutral shades of clothing, like cream or grey. Combining these can offer a level of sophistication that can go well with business clothing or corporate events.

4. Pairing with colored stones

You can mix things up a bit with your silver necklaces by getting one that has other gemstones embedded in it. This can allow you to match your necklaces with other clothing that you previously might not have tried.

5. Pairing with pastel colors 

Pastel colors are often more muted than other colors that can serve as a nice backdrop to bring out the shine of your silver necklaces.

6. Pair with leather jackets 

Leather jackets, especially biker jackets, are considered a lot more prominent and sometimes even masculine. So it may seem odd that we are recommending silver necklaces with them, but the truth is, if done right, some silver necklace designs can help compliment leather jackets and add more bling to them.

7. Pairing them with simple patterns

Silver is a minimalistic color, as it is not as prominent as gold. This makes it perfect for minimalist clothing with simple patterns that help avoid taking too much of the focus away from your silver necklace.

8. Pairing with other jewelry

We have already seen that silver jewelry pairs well with most outfits, but why stop there? Why not try out other silver jewelry like rings and bracelets to compliment your necklace. A simple ring and bracelet with your necklace could work well for regular days like workdays, and adding more of them for more special occasions when you want more boldness can all work.

9. Pairing with engraved metal in clothing

You will have noticed that most clothes, like pants or dresses, with zippers or designs on them that are made of metal. This can be an excellent opportunity to pair them with your necklace. By choosing outfits with metal engravings that match your silver necklace, you can make a fashion statement that will help you stand out as someone with exquisite fashion sense.

10. Avoid Overly-Textured Patterns 

Clothing with too many textured patterns and designs on it will not pair well with silver necklaces as it can cause a clash of visuals and stifle the shine from them. This can hamper the potential of both your outfit and jewelry simultaneously, so keep this in mind when buying them.

11. Wear According to the Occasion 

It is essential to keep the occasion in mind when wearing your silver necklaces. If it’s a formal event, then consider keeping the bling balanced so that you look more sophisticated. If it’s a party, you can go looser and wear more silver jewelry to have the spotlight on you. Keeping this in mind, you can make a true fashion statement, whatever the occasion.

12. Don’t be afraid to experiment

At the end of the day, you should wear whatever you feel like. Therefore, why not put on your silver necklace and then try on different outfits to see what you like? This will ensure that you not only look good but are also happier in the process.


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