What are Figaro chains and how do they differ from other chain styles?

What are Figaro chains and how do they differ from other chain styles?

The Figaro chain is one of the most popular of the various types of chains. It's a pretty simple design, but it's nicer than a cable chain. The Figaro chain was first made in Italy. The chain consists of an alternating design of contrastingly sized flat links. In general, the design pattern is that one long flat link is or less, or three short flat links. A few short links are the same size as each other, providing a uniform design throughout the chain. Figaro chains are used by both men and women.

Are you considering buying a chain, but not sure which type of chain is best for you? Jawa jewelers fully understand! You are wise to do your research. Jawa jeweler offers a Sterling Silver Figaro Chain with a 50% discount. Jawa jewelers also have Figaro chain in gold. Some Figaro chains are as follow.

  • 10K gold hollow Figaro link chain by Jawa jewelers
  • 14K white gold Figaro link chain necklace by Jawa jewelers
  • 925 sterling silver link chain necklace by Jawa jewelers
  • 10K gold hollow pave Figaro link chain bracelet by Jawa jewelers
  • 14k yellow gold pave Figaro link chain bracelet by Jawa jewelers

Difference of Figaro chain with other chains style

Cuban link chain by Jawa jewelers:

Cuban wiring chain variation with curved links and ornamental detail added as a twisting seam as a pattern cut into each link in Cuban link chain. Figaro is a popular gold chain design with an elongated oval link pattern of two or three small circular links.

 Curb chains Jawa jewelers

However, the curb chain links are different in shape. The standard curb chain in its centre is made of twisted wire and has two pockets where each link is placed. Link formation is repeated because each link is the same as the other. Curved link chains are one of the most powerful chains. Curb chains are a timeless classic chain link style, and the types of curb chains that benefit from deformation can vary significantly while still maintaining an important twisted shape. While the Figaro chain is a flat linked formed structure.

Cable chain by Jawa jewelers:

Due to their classic appearance and durability, cable chains are one of the most popular, common and recommended types of chains. The chain is like an iron chain used to attach boats. This is the source of inspiration. A smaller version of it is pretty much. Therefore, you can consider it one of the oldest types of chains, if you have a cable chain. There are several identical rounds or oval links in a cable chain. Each link is linked to the next and forms a magnificent chain for beauty and function. Certain cable chains are circular and some are flattened. However, so long as each link is one by one the same size, it is a cable chain. The cable chains are glamorous and the thin ones with a pendant look amazing. 

Through their simple design, cable chains are robust. They are one of the most reliable chains because they will not break easily.

Rope chain by Jawa jewelers:

Rope chains are chains that manipulate small links so as not to focus on their appearance but rather to resemble a true rope. They are linked in twisted patterns. Rope chains are available in both sensitive versions, where pendant necklaces are popular, and heavier versions, where it is the chain itself. Rope chains are not only one of the best-known chains but also one of the longest-lasting, heavy, textured chains. This means that even for the thinner cord chains, they are quite strong and will not be easy to break away from. A chain of cords should last more than a lifetime

Wheat chain by Jawa jewelers:

Four strands of oval twist links are formed into a wheat chain, also known as the Spiga chain. The links in a wheat chain are woven and create a magnificent and attractive chain. The perfect type of pendant chain is made of box chains or wheat chains. They can hold the weight of the item and look great with almost everything. They're durable.

Gucci gold chain by Jawa jewelers:

A study of modern romanticism characterising new symbols of love, Gucci Link to love collection. The collection combines various gold tones with a mixture of finishes that blends the lines between male and female. This 18k yellow gold collar is engraved 'Gucci' on the bar. The anchor chain is very similar, but the links are round rather than a quadrant. A broader chain of Gucci can make a big piece of jewellery. Smaller Gucci chains with pendants are very lovely and a favourite choice. 


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