How To Choose a Necklace Chain That Does Not Get Your Hair Tangled ?

How To Choose a Necklace Chain That Does Not Get Your Hair Tangled ?

Everyone loves a necklace. Those who wear the necklace and hair at the same time face frustration and pain. Sometime hair trapped into the chain and pulls hair which causes pain and sometimes these hairs are trapped in the chain or closure of necklace and stuck into it. The hair gets tangled while still wearing it, and can't get out without tearing the hair as it is. However there are many ways to get out your hairs from chain but it is quit better to choose a perfect chain that doesn’t get your hair tangled.

Everyone wants to look different and unique and almost every women loves to wear jewelry. If necklace chain is not irritating, you can easily wear silver gold and Diamond Necklace from Jawa Jewelers. As diamond is a precious stone so the trapping of hair in a necklace chain can be awful. So while choosing a chain for a Diamond Necklace be careful about the type of chain. Jawa jewelers provide you different varieties of necklace chains that would not pull your hair on.

Types of necklace chains won’t pull your hair on

Most chains generally magazine hair, there are the best offers of chain styles that can't grab fine or long hair.

1. Gold Box Chain by Jawa Jewelers

10K Yellow Gold 1.5MM Venetian Box Necklace Link Spring Clasp 16 to 24 Inches - Jawa Jewelers

A very popular and recommended chain link style, that fits comfortably on your neck and wrist. Box Chain is also called Venetian Chain because it is derived from Artisan in Venice, Italy and because of its origin from the Artisan, Italian City of Venice. Box Chains feature links that are fundamentally formed with four sides to give each link an appearance of a Box. Each link is identical to another. Box Chains however also vary with many other sub-types available to purchase for additional flavor to this classic style of chain link. There is a gap between the links, but the size of the gap is proportionally wider and the hair can pass through, reducing the chance of pulling the hair. Generally, the edges and corners of the box chain are also not sharp.

2. Yellow gold 4.3 MM Cuban Curb Chain by Jawa Jewelers.

However, the curb chain links are different in shape. The standard curb chain in its center is made of twisted wire and has two pockets where each link is placed. Link formation is repeated because each link is the same as each other. Curved link chains are one of the most powerful chains. Curb chains are a timeless classic chain link style, and the types of curb chains that benefit from deformation can vary significantly while still maintaining an important twisted shape.

3. White Gold Figaro Chain by Jawa Jewelers:

The Figaro chain is one of the most popular of the various types of chains. It's a pretty simple design, but it's nicer than a cable chain. The Figaro chain was first made in Italy. The chain consists of an alternating design of contrastingly sized flat links. In general, the design pattern is that one long flat link is or less, or three short flat links. A few short links are the same size as each other, providing a uniform design throughout the chain. This chain is also suitable and reduces the chance of trapping hair

4. White Gold 1MM Cable Necklace by Jawa Jewelers:

You will often see that the connections of the cable cord are formed of a bend wire in oval. It is then coupled with a different compound, which is formed in the same form. This is the most basic chain form, and the same craftsmen can create this very easily with basic skills. Emphasize the shape and make the connections, and you immediately understand why the anchor strings of the cable cords are almost identical, do not pull the head. Each type of chain link is generated by simply forming a round cable to the oval.  This process is combined with the first link that repeats the next link. Each link is in every way like any other link. The cable string is thinner than usual, the anchor string is thicker and has a flat diamond cut that is added. The point, however, is that there are a few thick hair, which can be twisted on or near the neck or wrist. The surface of the connections is completely smooth as a pearl necklace, the distance between each elliptical connection is big enough for hair without damage. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is a good necklace chain?

Rope chains are among the most durable and heaviest of chain types. They can be worn with pendants as they hold up, whether thick or thin - making this an excellent selection for those who want their jewelry to last!

How thick should necklace chain be?

"The durability of your necklace will depend on the thickness. Most chains are 1mm to 2 mm, which means they can hold most small pendants without breaking; however if you go below this range it might be best for something dainty or delicate Most people wear their necklaces at around 3/4 inches (19 millimeters) - so anything less than that needs extra care when wearing"

What is the strongest style of chain for a necklace?

The Cuban Link is among the most sturdy and durable gold chains on today's market. This strong link design features individually soldered links, which make it extra durible than other types of connecting style for necklaces or bracelets!

What is the average necklace size for a woman?

The average woman has a neck size of about 18 inches. This means that most jewelry purchases should be made with this length in mind, to ensure the piece will fit and look good on you!

What does a curb chain look like?

Curb chains are similar to cable chains in that they have loops of metal wire which can be twisted and flattened. The difference lies with how these links lie flat; while curb chaining prefers oval shapes, cable usually has spots or circles pressed into its surface for added detail - though sometimes you'll find totally round wires as well!

What is the difference between Cuban Link and curb link?

The curb chain is a style of necklace that has been around for centuries. The Miami Cuban Link Chain, also known as the Eslavon Cubano or Cadena de Zlata in Spanish language means "Curb Necklace." This type of link uncommonly seen to be worn by people today because it was typically used during times when they needed extra security such as with lenders who would require constant monitoring on their investments - but you can find them at antique stores if your looking!

What is a tennis chain?

Tennis chains are a piece of jewelry that can be similar to the strings in your racquet. The small pieces, made out diamonds or gems are attached by precious metal chains and come together as one exclusive product from Jewelry Unlimited!


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