To Shorten And Style the Necklace In Various Ways

To Shorten And Style the Necklace In Various Ways

Necklaces are some beautiful pieces of jewelry. It is not compulsory to possess gold or a diamond necklace to be able to make the most of this amazingly stylish accessory. If you have a craze of stocking differently designed necklaces and uniquely style them, you are at the right place.

At times, short necklaces become the trend. In that case, you do not necessarily have to buy new ones. You can even do a lot with the ones you have already collected.

Necklaces are not just meant to beautify your necks. As surprising as it may sound, this accessory in particular is wonderfully multipurpose. You can use a necklace in so many classy ways where each of the time, it will serve a look worth dying for.

In this article, we shall therefore have a look at the numerous ways to shorten a necklace and style it.

How to Shorten a Necklace



If you plan to shorten the length of your necklaces, you must know of the amazing advantages it will bring along. You will not only be able to use it as a trendy necklace but it will also become multipurpose.

  1. If you find a beautiful necklace suiting your gorgeous dress but the length of the necklace is too big for your neckline and it is the only necklace that perfectly matches the vibe of the dress, the best way to make use of that necklace is to temporarily shorten it down. Figure out the excess chain that you want to get rid of for the time being. Use an earring stud to help you out. Insert that earring into the excess chain that you have gathered and put the back of the earring on it to fit it perfectly. You can then easily turn around the necklace in the right way and drop a stunning look with it.
  2. Another way to temporarily shorten the length of your necklace is to fold it around your wrist until it fits and becomes a bracelet. You can then use a safety pin or an earring stud to put the folds together.
  3. If you permanently want to get rid of the extra lengths of your necklace, the best way is to refer to a jeweler. Jewelers are the masters of their craft and possess immense command even on the minute details of the necklaces. You will just have to inform them precisely about the lengths you want to completely remove. They will accurately cut that part out, attach the clasp ends back, and will give a completely new look to your necklace. If you have the necessary instruments at your home, the measuring tapes, the scissors, cutting tools, you can also shorten your necklace without the need of a jeweler.
  4. Complex types of necklaces such as the snake chain, chains with stones studded on them, or the rope chains are not easy to shorten. This is because, when you try to cut them like those normal chains, they tend to break apart and the entire design distorts. To prevent that from happening, you need to carry out the shortening procedure with great care. Once cut, it cannot be reattached again. Precisely mark the unnecessary region and accurately cut it out. Attach the clasp back to the area where the necklace got damaged to hide the mark.

How to Style Shortened Necklaces

How to Style Shortened Necklaces

The world of styling is humongous and the possibilities are endless. In today’s world when it is all about being different and unique, you can do anything in the name of style and at times, unknowingly call for a trend.

As mentioned earlier, necklaces are multipurpose pieces of jewelry that have the potential of not only decorating your neckline but even your wrists and ears.

  1. You can use your necklace as a bracelet especially if it has a snake or rope chain. All you need to do is fold it around your wrist until it fits and forms a bangle-like look. To keep it intact, you can make use of a safety pin or an earring. Make sure the pin you use is small in size so that your hack doesn’t get visible.
  2. Another beautiful way to style your shortened necklaces is to layer them on your neck. If you are wearing a plain dress with a deep neckline and have short necklaces complementing the outfit, you can then wear them all together. If you have an extremely long necklace, you can fold and wrap it around your neck to give it a layered look.
  3. A pendant necklace can also be reinvented as a beautiful and classy headband. If you do not want to wear the piece on your neckline, you can simply wrap it around your head with your hair untied. The DIY headband will give you a vintage look similar to that of some Egyptian queens and you will be able to flaunt an effortlessly charming style statement.
  4. You can even use your chain necklaces as a means of carrying a clutch or a bag. If you are in no mood of carrying a necklace but intend to utilize the chain because it coordinates with the outfit or the clutch you are carrying along, you can take the chain and easily clasp it along the sides of the clutch. In this way, both your clutch and necklace will get a reinvented look.
  5. It might sound unique and something that you would have never thought of but you can also style a necklace as earrings. If you are tired of a necklace, you can get it cut into two halves and then create long stylish earrings out of them. You can even put them in your ears without cutting them if you prefer it this way. You can take the two ends of the necklace, insert the earring wires into them and create a classy unique earpiece that goes from one ear to another without any break in between.
necklace as earrings

These are just some of the thousands of options you can explore. There is no end to a person’s creativity and thus there is no limit on how you can style your shortened earrings. You can wrap it around your ring finger to make a bulky ring or you can simply put it around your neck, in either case, it will ooze out style and your love for it.

Is it worth it?

Another argument towards the shortening of necklaces is that instead of opting for the cut down of already bought necklaces, one should buy the ones that are already short in length. This is true but to some extent.

A lot of people are unable to find their exact sizes as there are often only a limited number of sizes offered in necklaces, bracelets, etc. In such a situation, the shortening of a necklace is worth it. You don’t feel left out and with an over-length necklace; you can craft one that perfectly fits your neck, wrist, etc.

Furthermore, for instance, you have an exactly matching necklace in a long length. You want it shortened but you are unable to find a matching necklace in short length. Instead of going through the hassle of looking out for a short necklace, you can save yourself a lot of time by simply cutting down the one you already possess. If you do not want to permanently shorten it, there are temporary ways that we have also discussed.

If you seek a jeweler to help you out with the shortening procedures so that there are no mistakes and your necklace doesn’t get damaged, it can cost you a good amount of bucks. However, provided the countless ways you can then style those necklaces, it all becomes worth it. If you have all the instruments and tools around you along with the confidence that you can do the task yourself, you will then also not have to spend some bucks to get those amazing perks of shortened necklaces.


To cut it short, necklaces are simply wonderful. No matter the length, the studs, or the details, they are always worth spending money on as they can completely lift your looks and appearances. They also offer immense flexibility as you can easily get them shortened if their length bothers you. You can make earrings and bracelets out of them and can use them in a huge number of classy ways. With just a single necklace, you can create thousand different looks. You can easily fool people into thinking that you are wearing a new piece of jewelry although it would be the same old necklace that you have been reinventing for years.

We hope that you will now make the most of each of your necklaces and will not let it get rusted just because it is long for your neckline or because you have worn it several times.


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