How To Wear Multiple Rings And Make An Ultimate Fashion Statement?

How To Wear Multiple Rings And Make An Ultimate Fashion Statement?

A ring is a round band that automatically fits on your finger when you wear it. Rings are made of wood, stone, metal, gold, plastic, or any other material. The rings may contain a diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, or any other precious stone for a trendy look. The ritual of wearing rings is not from today, it is something very old. The people of Old Kingdom Egypt used to wear finger rings. They not only wear metal rings but also rings from faience. Then from that time, the trend of wearing rings became common. The tradition of wearing rings is as strong as it was earlier. People started to wear rings not only as jewelry items but as a sign of wealth and property. The more expensive ring means the person is richer. Then later on the trend of gifting rings arises. People give these rings as a sign of love and affection. And here it doesn't mean that a more expensive ring means more love. Sometimes it is all about emotions. If you gift a ring of metal with love it will be much more valuable than a diamond ring given formally. People used to give rings on engagements, weddings, birthdays, on any achievement, or for uttering their love to that person. A ring is a symbol of love, devotion, and agreement between two persons.

Now the problem that most girls face is that if they are wearing an engagement ring plus they want to wear some other rings which are matching with their dress. But they assume that wearing multiple rings can disturb their look or they may be considered as outdated. So don't panic it is okay to wear multiple rings. But the thing you have to focus on is making sure that you are wearing an equal number of rings on both hands. Wearing multiple rings on just one hand may look weird.

Still if you are not confident enough to go with this trend. You can strengthen your confidence by wearing these multiple rings at home or when you normally visit your friend and people you know. Then let them pass you comments and considerably you should decide whether you are okay with that or not. If you agree to have this style then you can easily face the public and can handily wear on your desirable occasions.

As a ring is circle-shaped so a circle doesn't have a start or end, therefore it is a symbol of infinity. It is endless, eternal, and infinite as the devotions should be.

If you are thinking of wearing multiple rings and you are confused about how to wear multiple rings? you must have a concern about these facts that are discussed below.

Use colorful rings

colorful rings

For a pretty and impressive look, you should wear rings of different colors. Mind it that the color of the ring is not fading your skin color. So try to choose a color that puffs up your skin tone.

A gap must be made

While wearing multiple rings don't load your fingers too much. You should mind spacing between the rings. A formal gap must be made between two rings. Which will make it lovelier. You can make a start by wearing a single ring on each finger but if you are more aesthetic about rings so you can wear more than one ring on one finger but the gap between the rings is obvious.

Different designs

Different designs

Don't go with the same pattern or design of rings. Try to have varied types of rings. Use rings of different width, size, and style. This will make you look extra cool.

Express your mood

You can easily convey your tone and feelings to others through your rings. Rings are not just a part of your jewelry but a source of conveying your emotion to others like if you're feeling romantic you can go with diamonds and fascinating pearls. And for a wonderful cool mood, you can choose a ring having a stone which is matching with your dress.

Geometric rings

Geometric rings

If you are having a simple and casual look so you can prefer these geometric rings. It can be the best pair with your simple outfit. Geometric rings can give you an inventive trendy and fashionable look with a simple outfit.

Make a balance

If you are going to follow the trend of multiple rings so don't crowd only one hand. Balancing is necessary. If you are going to wear five rings on the right hand so you have made a balance on the left hand. This tip is also for other jewelry items. Never focus on one hand. Make sure that your both hands are having equal items.

Maintaining proportion

Maintaining proportion to hands is also essential. Like if you have slim and large fingers so for maintaining the proportion of hand you should wear large rings. And if you have small hands you should go with lightweight, tiny rings. This maintained proportion will make your hands look extra gorgeous.

Ring identifies your status

Rings can send signals of superiority and richness. The bigger size of a precious stone and a more clear ornament would indicate superiority, your wealth and power.

Story behind your ring

Every ring tells a story. You can have an extended conversation about the choice of your wearing rings so be careful while wearing. A ring that you are wearing can define your personality to others.

Gold rings

You can have some gold rings together compiled with gold jewelry. You can follow this unique style with any traditional or stylish style. It can look lovelier with cigarette pants and sweat shirts.

Rings containing Gemstone

Gemstones exist in remarkable range. Different colors and different shapes of gemstones make them more distinctive. Gemstones can update the look of your outfit. Wearing semi precious gemstones in a small party with your friends and family will be a good option but when it comes the turn of most precious, expensive and costly keep it stored and let it out on some special occasions.

Simple band

Most of the girls wear simple rings at home at the time. It looks too fascinating in your daily life. But when you decide to go out to attend any party, don't use these simple bands. As you have a vast variety of rings so go and use them. Don't let your charm be lowered because of the simple ring.

It may be an interesting fact for you that rings can interpret your personality. People may not tell you but they will interpret anything about you regarding the ring you are wearing. Don't wear a ring without having knowledge of what this ring says. Because if you don't pay attention toward the wearing style of ring it may prove hard for you. Yes, don't amaze it is a truth on which finger you are wearing a ring. For example, wearing a ring on your thumb donates your individuality. Someone can easily be attracted toward you because through your ring you are giving the sign that you are unique. Ring on pinky finger describes someone's intelligence and effectiveness.

Wearing a finger on your ring finger can make sure that you are committed. As people say that this finger has a direct connection to heart that's why wearing a ring on this finger can also be saying that you are passionate. So no one will try to make mess with you.

I personally also love to wear multiple rings. But as I have slim fingers so I never pick very big and wide rings. Because I know this can make my hand look very crowded. So if I desire to have a big ring then I use it to balance it with other small rings. Additional big rings on your slim fingers can give it a weird look in fact of being the grace of your personality.

Several rings are associated with their styles like any simple ring which has a gem, or any other stone is referred to as an engagement ring. And it is gifted to a girl as a gift of engagement to strengthen the relation between two people.

This was all about girls and their wearing style but rings are not specified for girls. Men also used to wear rings. But maximum rings can make them look complicated. Wearing two or three rings should be a decent style. Mostly on special occasions the variety for men to choose rings is in between good and silver. Choosing a ring depends upon your color tone.

If your veins are visible and you have a cool tone so your preference must be silver rings for men. Sterling silver is the best. It is mostly used for marriage rings. However, if you are having a warm tone then a men's gold ring is the best option for you. Platinum rings are more likely to be used as compared to gold rings because platinum has fewer chances of breakage and it also can hold stones and gems more efficiently. While wearing multiple rings you have to keep a view of all these facts and then you can rock with your amazing style and achieve some likes and affections.

If you have started this trend of multiple rings try to don't keep an ear to others' opinions. The thing which matters for people is criticism. They cannot support anyone but surely can degrade open heartedly. So don't worry about others, keep yourself moving on and just love yourself.


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