What Jewelry Goes With My Outfit?

What Jewelry Goes With My Outfit?

7 Tips for the Whole Week

To be the best dressed, jewelry plays a vital role. However, it is easier to decide on clothes for an occasion than to decide the jewellery that should be paired with them. No matter the amount of silver jewelry or gold jewellery you possess, if you fail to pair it correctly with your outfits, it is useless.

There are some types of jewelry that go well with all the outfits. For instance, for a diamond bracelet, women do not need to choose a particular dress or event. They can wear it casually or on fancy occasions and it is meant to serve their purposes right.

Although there are no strict rules and regulations, there is an art and genius involve when it comes to the other different types. To be able to perfectly coordinate jewelry with your outfit is not a cup of tea and requires a thinking moment from your end.

Listed below are the 7 tips that will help you in deciding the most complementing jewelry for your outfits for the whole week:

How to Match Clothes? 



It is not compulsory to wear matching clothes with your jewelry. For instance, with a red dress, jewelry is not supposed to be exactly matching. In fact, you should be wise enough to decide when is matching required and when it should be completely avoided. For example, when you are wearing an expensive piece of gold jewelry, you want it to get attention. However, if you will wear matching gold clothes with it, the jewelry might get unnoticed. In this case, you will either have to ditch your gold accessory or your gold clothes. You can instead pair those gold earrings or necklaces with a red dress that only has some golden embroidery on it.

 On the other hand, for a completely yellow dress, you must not wear pink or purple earrings. On hearing this, women usually ask, “then what color jewelry should I wear?” In this case, you will have to match the color. However, you cannot wear any yellow jewelry with it. If your dress is minimal, you will opt for simple jewelry. You can also opt for neutral jewelry such as silver earrings in such cases.

Furthermore, if you want to style your heavy jewelry for a wedding, you should prefer wearing a plain solid colored dress with it. In this way, your jewelry will compensate for the simplicity of your dress and will also get highlighted.

However, in an attempt to match clothes with your jewelry, you must not forget to consider the fabric of your cloth. You must make sure that the jewelry you adorn does not get stuck in your clothes and damage them.

The Key to Matching Necklaces 

The Key to Matching Necklaces

A necklace is a piece of jewelry that can be matched with any type of outfit. It comes in a lot of different shapes, sizes, and styles that are all specific for different occasions. You can wear a necklace without any fear of looking extra provided that the necklace isn’t too extra itself.

To choose the most appropriate type of necklace for yourself, you need to first decide the outfit. If you are wearing a plain tee, a turtle neck dress, solid-colored shirts, or a minimal loose gown, you need to keep the necklace simple. A fine chain or a statement pendant would be perfect. The necklace or the chain would certainly stand out against your fabric and will also define your body structure.

On the other hand, if you are partying on a weekend or have a wedding to attend where you will be dressing up in fancy dresses, you need to make a different choice. If the front or the neck of your dress is heavily embroidered or designed, you should avoid wearing a necklace because it spoils the entire look. It won’t get highlighted and will also suppress the craft on your dress.

Pairing the Earrings 

Pairing the Earrings

Earrings are yet another gorgeous type of jewelry. They are usually worn by ladies to highlight their faces. You must know the type of earrings that suit your face structure. For an oval-shaped face, tiny studs and statement triangular earrings work the best. Large-sized hoops also look beautiful on oval faces. Similarly, for a round-shaped face, drop and dangle earrings are the most amazing option. You should avoid wearing wide earrings if you have a round face as they make it look fatter.

Based on your face structure, you should be able to figure out the type of earrings that suit the most and are the best to soften as well as highlight your features.

After deciding the shape of earrings according to your face, you need to choose them appropriately according to the event and your dress. You should avoid a necklace with earrings if your earrings are large-sized and heavy enough. This is because; both the pieces will get highlighted and will eventually look odd.

For plain and solid-colored tees, you can wear statement pieces of earrings. Besides, if you are wearing a gown and a small pendant, you can pair simple and small earrings and they will not look odd alongside the necklace. Silver earrings in solid colors look stunning but if there is even an ounce of the golden present; avoid opting for silver jewelry as it messes up the entire look.

Complimenting Skin Tone & Hair 


The jewelry you choose to wear on any occasion should blend well with your skin tone and hair color. Although it is a very minute detail and is often ignored, it usually brings beautiful results. If you achieve success by complimenting your jewelry and skin tone or hair color, you can highlight them more nicely. However, if you don’t, the look remains incomplete.

For instance, if you have black hair and a darker skin tone, black earrings will be a big no. The shadow of those earrings will fall on your face along with that of the hair and you will look even darker. Your skin tone won’t get highlighted and nor will your jewelry. So, for warmer skin tones and darker shades of color, it is always advised to adorn either lighter colors like white and soft pink or vibrant colors like yellow or orange. Gold jewelry also looks incredible on dark hair and dusky skin tones.

Moreover, if you have a cooler shade of skin and lighter hair, you must choose dark-colored jewelry if you want to highlight your face. Colors like red, black, purple are the best for people with lighter skin tones.

However, if you do not have these colored pieces of jewelry, you can simply pair silver jewelry if it goes well with the outfit. Silver has the capability of illuminating and radiating almost all-natural skin tones.

When Should You Carry A Ring?

A ring is a very small piece of jewelry that often goes unnoticed. This is because it is not paired properly. Every ring deserves its due share of attention and to bring that attention to the ring; you need to carry it wisely. If you are wearing a full-sleeved plain dress, you must wear a ring as it looks super cute and beautiful. However, if you are wearing a dress with full sleeves that are heavily embroidered and stitched, you should avoid wearing rings as they will get ignored. Rings become equally useless if you are wearing a mitten over them.

Also, for a plain dress, you can choose a ring with a large stone on it. The large-sized beautiful stone will make amends for the minimalistic look of the dress and will catch everyone’s eyes as well.

How to Accessorize Bracelets and Watches?

How to Accessorize Bracelets and Watches

Bracelets and watches are the old yet gold accessories. With the advent of mobile phones, watches are now worn only as a piece of jewelry in most cases. Therefore, you need to know when and how to accessorize it along with the bracelets.

For long-sleeved shirts, bracelets are unimportant because they usually remain hidden. You can pair them up if you are opting for sleeveless attire. Cuffed shirts and tank tops also serve right for wearing bracelets and watches.

If you have already decided to wear a watch in one hand, try not to add a bracelet in there. Do not add rings in there too because it will then appear overdone.

The Art of Layering Jewelry  

In the end, you must know the art of layering jewelry. Learn to mix different sizes and different types of jewelry for each dress to create a perfect look. You can use earrings from a different set and rings from the other. Incorporate thicker pieces with thinner, larger with smaller and lighter pieces with darker without disturbing the theme of your look.

If you are only wearing rings, layer them up in one finger or wear each in all four to make a cool style statement. You can also layer up bracelets of different designs and sizes on your wrist and create a unique look.


Jewelry plays a very important part in completing your everyday looks. Throughout the week, you have to dress up differently for different occasions and you can bring about distinction easily with the variety of jewelry available.

For a casual plain dress, jewelry isn’t supposed to very heavy. Similarly, for a fancy outfit, you must not wear quirky or statement pendants and earrings. You should be able to distinguish between the occasions, clothes, and types of jewelry. Once you learn that, you are fully able to create mesmerizing looks throughout the week.


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